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SAM XL (Smart Advanced Manufacturing XL) is a manufacturing automation expertise centre that forms a unique liaison between TU Delft faculties, the industry and suppliers. We develop software and hardware to enhance the intelligence, connectivity and flexibility of industrial robots. This robot technology for executing complex and varied tasks on large structures is validated and demonstrated in our industrial-scale automation lab. We also provide hands-on training for students and staff from our industry and research partners, to uplift their digital skills in executing automation projects.


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There are plenty of internship opportunities at SAM XL!
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Automation is key

Automation is key to keep up in the competitive industry.

We are experts in low volume, high variation, high end manufacturing of large structures. Setting up an automated production line currently requires a substantial amount of time, money and effort.

Therefore, you need an experienced partner with the right level of expertise for flexible, adaptive and autonomous robotics. We can assist in many ways and are constantly expanding our expertise and capabilities.

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SAM XL can help

SAM XL can help you take the first steps towards automated production.

Using your long-term ambitions as a starting point, our infrastructure, knowledge and consulting provide the guidance needed to get out of the starting blocks and accelerate your innovation and skills transfer.

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Pioneering within projects

Pioneering is our passion. We create our own software and develop our own hardware. Combining technologies and making robots smart to engineer the manufacturing processes of the future. We are involved in several national and European projects and collaborate with the top tech partners and scientists. Want to know what we accomplish in our projects?

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