Mechatronics capabilities

Mechatronics forms an integral part in the creation of Smart Robotic Systems at SAM XL. Just like how mechatronics combines mechanical, electronic, control and computer systems, our mechatronic team is also multi-disciplinary by nature.


With our in-house CAD experts, we can develop our smart robotic systems from the early conceptual design phase onwards. We have a dedicated license in SolidWorks through which we develop and design our end-effectors and tooling in-house with our CAD experts.

Robotic end-effector development

We produce customised end-effectors and integrate them with our state-of-the-art robots into our smart robotics system. Tooling and production can be done in-house in of the DEMO workshop facilities of the TU Delft. PLCs with their dedicated drivers and electronic system boards are then used to integrate the three main parts of a robot: the controller, actuators and sensors. Together they form the physical backbone of our solutions.

Mechanical testing

With our in-house expertise and unique infrastructure, we provide testbeds for the mechanical testing to assess the structural, physical and mechanical characteristics of materials and products Through acquiring accurate, real-life data we determine the true mechanical properties of the material or assembly used in your product or project.

Outlook to the future 

Mechatronics forms the connection between the advanced manufacturing technologies and the software needed to automate these together into a Smart Robotic system. In the smart manufacturing industry, it’s essential to be able to create your own hardware to quickly implement new solutions. In the coming years, SAM XL is determined to develop our mechatronic capabilities further to accelerate our innovative solutions towards industrial adoption.

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