SAM XL is once again present at SAMPE, this time in Madrid. This year’s theme is: Advanced and Sustainable Composites, which suits us very well.

Our Continuous Ultrasonic Welding solution is an absolute highlight. We are proud that we are the leading research institution in this technology and we will continue to advance this towards full scale implementation in the industry.

Furthermore, our Automated Fibre Placement can count on a lot of interest as well. Both advanced manufacturing processes will enable the use of sustainable composites. Very interesting to connect with the European industrial partners and technology centres from the composite industry. Lots of new, promising connections were made!

SAMPE stands for Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering.

Thank you Abhas Choudhary, Bram Jongbloed and Aydin van den Bergh for representing SAM XL in an excellent way!