This year’s SAMPE Benelux annual spring meeting was organized at SAM XL. It focused on the theme: Automation of Composite Manufacturing Processes. What a suitable theme to organize the meeting in our manufacturing expertise centre!

SAMPE is the Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering. With over 70 attendees from a wide variety of organizations including technical universities, research organizations and industrial companies, the knowledge exchange was very valuable. Our colleagues Aydin van den Bergh, Bram Jongbloed, Sungi Han, André Florindo and Abhas Choudhary enlightened the attendees on our activities pertaining to automated composite manufacturing. There was much interest in our steps towards excellence in automated continuous ultrasonic welding. The various technical presentations from other partners gave an insight on the many challenges and opportunities in the manufacturing field. Once again, networking towards further and more extensive collaboration between industry and the academic world proved valuable. Interesting new ideas come up every time we meet!