Today the robot and track combination of our continuous ultrasonic welding cell was delivered and installed! Together with the new end effector that we are building, it will enable us to stay at the forefront of the development of automated thermoplastic composites assembly.

We are developing a robotic automation technique for the assembly of thermoplastic composites structures. Ultrasonic welding fuses structural components together, allowing for weight savings and enabling the use of recyclable materials. This is crucial for the avation industry: future airplanes won’t consist of aluminum anymore, but will be made of lighter, stronger and more sustainable materials. Combined with our self-designed custom end-effector, we are anticipating the fusion of many disciplines and fields of expertise in this new development.

We will be pushing the boundaries in robotic automation and process control, contributing to sustainable aviation and the use of recyclable materials. We are looking forward to have our robotic welding process operational in Q1 2024.