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Digitalzh is the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) for the Dutch province of Zuid-Holland. The EDIH focuses on Manufacturing, Port & Maritime Industry and Horticulture. Our technology differentiators are AI for XXL-scale robotics and additive manufacturing, connected systems (IoT, 5G, Quantum) and cybersecurity. The EDIH will help SME’s with introducing and improving digital technologies, in order to secure the economic position of European countries.  


In three years, Digitalzh will mobilize more than 1500 SMEs, activate around 600 SMEs to work on a form of digitalization and support the practical deployment in 60 SMEs. The EDIH expands on the former SMITZH program that has reached over 650 SMEs, executed dozens of tests, trained over 1000 people and guided over 100 users to internationalization. To further increase our European impact and broaden the opportunities for regional SMEs with a broad array of needs, we will closely cooperate with Dutch EDIHs and establish structural cooperation with other European EDIHs that boost comparable expertise and sectors. For this purpose, we will work closely with The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA).

SAM XL’s role is to support SME’s with the implementation of large scale robotics, focusing on in-line quality control and human-robot interaction, respectively.


TU Delft, InnovationQuarter, Province of Zuid-Holland.


DigitalZH is part of the European Digital Innovation Hub’s and is an initiative of InnovationQuarter and TU Delft. It is funded by the European Union, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate and the Province of Zuid-Holland.

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Duration: February 2023 – February 2026