Like last year, SAM XL attended the KLM Innovation Fair where we exhibited our work.

SAM XL is a partner of KLM (the Royal Dutch Airlines) in the BrightSky project. Together we are working to advance the innovative strength and international competitive position of the Dutch aviation sector at and around the airport. We help KLM to develop technical innovations in the field of Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul of existing airplane parts. Specifically, we are developing the robotic solution for automated inspection, maintenance and repair of metal parts from existing airplane engine parts.

During the demonstration at the KLM Innovation Fair, SAM XL illustrated the idea of improving the current actions performed during maintenance of titanium fan blades inside KLM’s Engineering & Maintenance department.
Visitors were able to teach several way points along the path of the leading edge of the blade, and the trajectory would then be planned and executed.

A big thank you to Eugenio Bernardi,Meldon Clark, Thomas Hettasch & Aashish Vatsyayan for their hard work to demo our latest features!