MetaalNieuws published “SAM XL makes Doosan’s Cobots smart”. The article is dedicated to the new status of SAM XL as “preferred partner” of Doosan Robotics. The partnership is based on the memorandum of understanding, signed by the president of South Korea Yoon Suk-yeol during his state visit in the Netherlands. This memorum of understanding is focused expanding the partnership between the Netherlands and South Korea in the field of digital technology and the smart industry.  

SAM XL CEO Hein Koelman emphasized the benefits:

We are going to increase our collaboration and will get more extensive access to the technologies of Doosan Robotics, which is crucial for our innovations in production and maintenance & repair.”  

Koelman envisions the broad purposes in the smart industry:

‘A lot of robotic solutions are more widely applicable. We make prototypes, integrators are leading the industralisation with our support.” 

Dormac Cobots markets the cobots of Doosan Robotics in the Netherlands and connected Doosan Robotics with SAM XL. Joost Verschure, director of Dormac shares this enthusiasm:

Cooporation is essential to optimize our smart industry.”

The designation as preferred partnership between SAM XL and Doosan Robotics penables speeding up innovation in the smart industry.  

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