Watch our latest progress in Automated Fibre Placement! With our state-of-the-art robot, the latest Addcomposites end effector and many hours of complex engineering, we are refining every detail. The result is a Kuka robot that is capable of Automated Fibre Placement on complex, double-curved geometries. Precise motion planning and simulation can be done using the AddPath in order to verify the operation and optimize results.

Our current application for this technology is the manufacturing of large, liquid hydrogen tanks (project page). However, in alignment with SAM XL’s vision to develop highly adaptable manufacturing solutions, the setup we created is specifically designed to suit many other applications. We achieved this by precisely coordinating the motion between the Kuka robot arm, the tracks it sits on, and the rotating mold. This results in 8-axis coordinated motion, which means fibers can be placed from any direction on any surface geometry.

We are glad to contribute to making aerospace more sustainable by developing these new manufacturing solutions. The possibilities for new composite applications, parts, products for aviation and other sectors are endless!