Today, we are taking a giant leap towards digital manufacturing. Our engineers developed a software framework to generate and execute robot programs for a scanning application automatically. This framework is unique due to its ability to adapt to different part geometries without requiring additional programming or configuration steps. The robot understands that it has to scan an object, automatically creates a digital reconstruction and generates the correct paths. No matter what shape or form, slightly larger, smaller or in this case: double curved. Think of a robot that can determine where to drill a hole or weld a part. This new technology is extremely valuable for the aerospace industry, with a high mix of complex shapes in a low-volume production setting. In the coming months, we will be fine-tuning and upscaling this technology to XL size, within the Penelope project. This is what SAM XL is all about!

Watch the demo from our software engineer Dave Kroezen in the video.

For more information: read our Penelope project page

Many thanks to the entire team that worked closely together to achieve this result! Aashish Vatsyayan, Kate Twiss, Eugenio Bernardi